Tips & Tricks

Newspaper Inserts/Coupon Organization:
I suggest you keep your coupon inserts until they expire.  You never know when a money-making deal could come up.  You can always find a friend, family member or charity that uses that product.  Below is an example of how I keep a current stack of unexpired coupon inserts which I store in a cupboard.  Others prefer to keep them in a file box in their vehicle should they come across a deal while at a store, then they have them nearby.
I go through my inserts about once a month and pull out any full pages of expired coupons.  I also use a black marker to write the date of the Sunday paper they came from in the upper right corner of each insert.  As you will see in my posted deals (aka match-ups), I often refer to the paper the coupons came in.  Organizing the inserts by date will help save time by making coupons easier for you to find.

I don’t clip every single coupon and put them in a binder, which others may prefer to do.  Rather, I clip the coupons for products I use on a regular basis, then add the remainder of the insert to my stack I store in my cupboard.  I purchased the pink plastic accordion organizer shown below at the Dollar Store.  It holds a good amount of coupons which I organize alphabetically, as you can see by the included tabs.  I also have a blue one which I use for restaurant and store specific coupons.  Try a few different strategies and see what works best for you.


Multiple Transactions:
In order to get multiple deals at some stores that puts limits on things (such as Walgreens Register Rewards and Piggly Wiggly only doubling 10 coupons per transaction), you may have to do multiple transactions.  I suggest you plan this ahead of time by paper clipping your coupons and shopping list together for each transaction.  Then when you get to the store, grab a cart and a few baskets for whatever number of transactions you plan to do.  This way, you can put the items for each transaction in separate baskets so it will be easier once you get to the check-out.  For stores like Walgreens that have a cosmetics counter, I recommend you check-out there.  For stores like Festival and Wal*Mart that have self check-out lines, I suggest you check-out there.  This will help ensure you aren’t holding up the main check-out line(s) and avoid the possibility of creating impatient customers behind you.  Plus, it will help avoid any unnecessary anxiety for yourself at the check-out!

For each match-up posting for an individual store, you can find tips and tricks specific to that store.

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