Welcome and thanks for visiting Heather’s Hollander Hut!  I’m based out of Eastern Wisconsin and am all about saving money!  My dad often refers to getting the most out of your money as the “Hollanders Delight”; there go the inspiration for this blog name.   We Dutch like to save money where we can and I’d like to help your household do the same!

This site and posts are run and created strictly by me, and only me (Heather of course!), so I personally will answer any questions you have on anything that’s posted here.  In addition to running this site, I also work a full-time job and of course, put together couponing trips for my own household.  I keep myself very busy helping to make sure my household, as well as yours, are keeping as much of our hard-earned money in our wallets as possible!

I always enjoyed cutting out and using coupons.  I even started out young.  I remember spending Sunday afternoons with my little kid scissors cutting out all the coupons my mom wasn’t going to use.  Back then, I thought I would be able to collect enough of the 1/100th of a cent coupons to cash them in for a penny 🙂

I started more serious couponing back in April of 2010.  Since then I have saved over $12,000 on household, health and beauty products alone and the savings keep on coming.  It’s amazing how quickly those savings add up when you use coupons on a regular basis.  This site will help you do just that!

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