Festival Foods Deals (3 Boomerang Buys & Web Only) – 11/2/14 to 11/8/14

Keep in mind prices may vary by store so check out your local ad here (not available until Sunday start date of the ad).  There are usually 5 different categories of ads (newspaper, online, wine/spirits, yellow sheet (boomerang) and orange sheet (HBC/GM) in effective each week, so be sure to review each one.  The Internet Only Ad is a lot of the yellow sheet items and pink tag items.  This ad is not printed or found in stores.
Festival Foods offers $0.05 instant savings off your order per every reusable bag you bring in and use during your shopping trip.  If you are using the self check-out, the PLU code for reusable bags is 65.  You will then be asked to type in the quantity of reusable bags you are using in your transaction. To view Festival’s coupon policy, go here.
Festival is a member of Saving Star.  Go here to sign up for your account now. What is Saving Star?  Think of them as coupons you don’t need to print or cut out.  They are ecoupons you attach to your Upromise Keytag that are available at the front desk. You don’t need to be a Upromise member to get that card and register it with SavingStar – which you can do here.  SavingStar coupons don’t come off your total at the store, rather they get applied to your online SavingStar account about 3-30 days after purchasing the product and using your keytag card at checkout.  You will get an email letting you know when that money has been applied to your account.  In my experience, it has taken 2 days.  Basically by using Saving Star, you are able to use up to 3 coupons (MFG, Store & SavingStar) on one product!  Once you reach $5, you can redeem that for various gift cards, PayPal or direct bank deposit.  Saving Star is currently working on additional ways to redeem your amounts.

WYB=When You Buy
SS=Smart Source Insert
GM=General Mills Insert
PG=Proctor & Gamble Insert
RP=Red Plum Insert
MJ=Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
CT=Chicago Tribune

The below items are products from these ads with coupon match-ups only and are based on the Fond du Lac ad.  Be sure to check out the full list of sale items and any variations via your local ad here (not available until start date of the ad).  Some items are duplicated between ads, they will only be listed once as to not replicate data.

Boomerang Buys Ad (green sheet in store ad)

Save $1/2  Lucky Leaf Pie Fillings 20 to 21 oz with in ad coupon

Mott’s Applesauce 46 to 48 oz – $2.69
***Use the $1/2 found here or here – $2.19

Campbell’s Family Size Condensed Soup 22.4 to 23.8 oz – 2/$4 or $2 ea
***Use the $1/5 from the 10/12 SS or here – $1.80 ea

Shore Lunch Soup 9.2 to 12 oz – $2.99
***Use the $0.50/1 from the 10/26 SS – $2.49

Bush’s 16 oz Variety Beans – 5/$4 or $0.80 ea
***Use the $1/3 Chili Beans from the 10/12 SS – $0.47

Kellogg’s Nutri Grain Bars, Fiber Plus Bars or Special K Bars 4 to 10.4 oz – 2/$5
***Use the $1/2 Nutri Grain found here or here – 2/$4
***Use the $1/2 Special K found here or here – 2/$4

Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil 37.5 sq ft – $2.69
***Use the $0.75/1 found here – $1.94

Yoplait Light Yogurt 6 oz – 10/$5 or $0.50 ea
***Use the $0.50/8 from the 9/21 SS – $0.44 ea

CoffeeMate Coffee Creamer 64 oz – $4.99
***Use the $1/2 found here – $4.49

Beneful Dry Dog Food 3.5 lb – $5.29
***Use the $1.50/1 found here – $3.79

Finish Dishwasher Detergent Tabs 20, 12 or 17 ct – $3.99
***Use the $0.50/1 found here or here– $3.49
***Use the $0.75/1 Quantum found here – $3.24

Sunny Delight 128 oz – $2.49
***Use the $1/2 found here – $1.99

Old Wisconsin Snack Bites or Sticks 8 oz – $3.98
***Use the $1/1 found here – $2.98


Boomerang Buys Health & Beauty Ad (Valid October 26th through November 8th):

Head & Shoulders Shampoo 14.2 oz – $4.99
***Use the $3/2 from the 11/2 RP – $3.49

V05 Body Wash 15 oz – $1.49
***Use the $0.50/2 from the 10/19 SS – $1.24

Gold Bond Lotion 13 to 16.8 oz – $7.49
***Use the $1.50/1 from the 11/2 RP – $5.99
*****Or use the $1/1 found here, here or here – $6.49

Skintimate Or Edge Shave Gel – $2.49
***Use the $1/2 from the 10/5 SS – $1.99

Schick Quattro Disposable Razor 3 ct – $6.99
***Use the $2/1 from the 10/5 SS – $4.99

Kotex Feminine Care 18 ct Regular Tampon, 24 ct Regular Maxi Pad, 20 ct Ultra Thin Long Pad, 22 ct Ultra Thin Pad or 64 ct Light Day Regular Liner – $2.99
***Use the $1/2 U (if included) from the 10/12 SS – $2.49
***Use the $1/1 U Pads (if included) found here – $1.99
***Use the $2/2 Natural Balance (if included) or U (if included) found here – $1.99

Always Feminine Care 14 to 18 ct Ultra Thin Pads, Overnight or Long, 40 ct Long Liners or 20 ct Regular or Super Tampax – $2.99
***Use the $0.50/1 Pads or Pantiliners from the 10/26 PG – $2.49
***Use the $0.40/1 Liners found here – $2.59

Boost Nutritional Energy Drink 6 pk 8 oz – $7.99
***Use the $1.50/1 found here – $6.49

Ensure Nutrition Shake 6 ct 8 oz – $7.99
***Use the $3/2 from the 10/5 SS or 9/7 SS – $6.49

One A Day Vitamins 65, 100 or 70 ct – $7.99
***Use the $1/1 found here – $6.99


Boomerang Buys Natural & Organic Ad (Valid October 26th through November 8th):

Wild Harvest Organic Salsa 16 oz – $2.98
***Use the $0.75/1 found here – $2.23

Udi’s Gluten Free Muffins 12 oz – $5.39
***Use the $1/1 found here – $4.39


Internet Only Ad:

Always Pads, Liners or Tampax Tampons – $5.49
***Use the $0.50/1 Pads or Pantiliners from the 10/26 PG – $4.99
***Use the $0.40/1 Liners found here – $5.09
***Use the $0.50/1 Tampax from the 10/26 PG – $4.99


Be sure to also go here to look for and print any coupons you may need to use for items not on sale so you don’t pay full price for anything you don’t have to!  You can print the same coupon twice per computer.  So make sure to hit your browser’s back button to print a second one.  Coupons typically refresh and/or change at the beginning of the month.  However, some new ones can pop-up at any time so be sure to check back often.

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